Living on my own


Albeit only for two weeks but it’s weird.

I hate being in the house at the best of times, so two weeks of having to fend for myself and stuff is quite daunting. My parents have gone away to Cuba with a couple of their friends and left me with the house and the dog.

I slept in my parents room last night too ’cause there’s a tele that actually works in there, ha! But when I was getting changed one of the bags they were gonna take on holiday just fell off the top of the wardrobe and I started freaking out. I was face timing someone at this point and they even saw it fall and we both kinda just went silent and stared at the bag that probably just wasn’t put back up on the wardrobe properly. At least that’s what I like to think.

And then this morning I didn’t wake up until like 9am so my dog was starving and had thrown up a bit in the bedroom. Ew. I’ll clean that up in a bit, I think it’s like yellow or something eugh.

Got some washing up to do this morning, then I think I might go to costa once I’ve walked my dog and stuff. Seems like a good idea to be honest. It feels like I’m actually living in my own house. No rules or anything. Which is fab. One thing I won’t do is have a party/gathering. For some reason I absolutely hate hosting which sucks a bit.

and I can’t stay out at night for the next two weeks. Not that I really did recently anyway. But that opportunity isn’t actually there which also sucks. Got a couple of my friends coming over for a lonely sleepover at some point though :) it makes me happy that my friends know how much I hate being alone in this house. No other house, just this one for some reason. No idea why it just gives me the heebyjeebies.

right, guess I better get on with my ‘chores’.

Ciao :)

~ Emily

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